“A Little B**ch”: Miro blasts Kenny Omega for his cowardly actions

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Miro, the AEW star has been very vocal on his Twitch Livestream. He once again took to Twitch following the Winter is Coming edition of Dynamite and bashed the new AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega.

Miro forewarns Kenny Omega and has set his eyes on AEW World title

‘The Best Man’ took to Twitch and expressed his displeasure over what happened at the end of the episode of Dynamite.

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The episode saw Kenny Omega face off against Jox Moxley for the AEW World Championship.

Miro was furious of the actions of newly crowned AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega and the Impact Wrestling executive Don Callis, who helped Omega get the victory.

In the video, Miro addressed Omega as “a little b—h” and Callis “a f–king bald headed guy”.

He further issued a warning to Omega, now that he is the new champion.

Miro said, “We have a new champion, Kenny Omega. You are on the watch, I’m watching you. You ran away with that title like a little b—h, with a f–king baldheaded guy who got roses all over the ring. Who is that guy anyway?”

The former WWE star said that he would not have run away the way Omega did after capturing the championship title. He further called him ‘chicken’ and told him not be a coward.

This was Miro's victorious debut in AEW | | Superfights

He continued, “I mean, it doesn’t matter. I would never run away like that. I have never run or hidden from anything in my life. I fight like a man should, or a woman should. Be a man, but do not be a chicken. Do not be coward.”

Check out Miro’s Tweets below:

It is obvious that Miro was angry about the fact that Kenny Omega being the champion ran away with Don Callis of Impact Wrestling.

Kenny Omega is headed for Impact! on next Tuesday

Near the end of the match, Don Callis who was on the commentary for the match took a microphone and told the referee that Omega was hurt.

Kenny Omega Wins AEW World Title & He Is Headed To Impact Wrestling

Moxley then punched Callis and the microphone fell into the ring. Omega ended up hitting Moxley with it and pinned him for a three-count to win the match as well as the title.

Callis then got hold of the title and ran out of the building with Omega. Before entering a waiting vehicle, Callis told Alex Marvez that he and Omega would explain everything on next Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV.

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