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“Levan Totally Ripped My Arm Off” – Is Devon Larratt Retiring from Armwrestling Super Heavyweight Division?

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Armwrestling champion Devon Larratt reveals his plans for the future after his loss to Levan Saginashvili at the East vs West 12.

To answer the question: Is Devon Larratt Retiring from armwrestling super heavyweight division?
Simple answer is YES.

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As per his latest video, it looks like Devon Larratt will be retiring from the Armwrestling Super Heavyweight Division. However, he assures his fans that he will still be doing armwrestling. But nothing is certain in the world of sports and we can see the 49 year old Canadian make a comeback to challenge Levan again in the future.

Birthday Announcement: Devon Larratt Retiring from Armwrestling Super Heavyweight

On the eve of his birthday, Devon posted a video on his Youtube channel, he said: “I really hope that I am mature enough on this day my 49th birthday uh to really leave that alone really like I really hope that I’m able to leave leave that um super heavyweight arm wrestling.”

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“[it] is the biggest it’s the biggest it’s the biggest crown that there is in the sport the super heavyweight division is there’s nothing higher there’s nothing higher and it’s time for me really to stop chasing that…”

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Devon Larratt Talks About the Impact of Levan

Talking about Levan’s strength and his experience fighting him. He said, “You know year and 10 months ago Levan totally ripped my arm off and I said that I didn’t want to rematch”
He added, “I felt how good he was and I said that that it was unreachable I trained like crazy for a year and 10 months not necessarily with him in mind the entire time but my path brought me back to him and um you know when that happened when I realized that all the roads returned me back to Levan”.
Talking about his mindset before the match. He added: “I had to believe you know I had to get to that place where I believed that I had a chance to beat him and in my head I tried to find a way that I could defeat him and uh he’s incredible guys really uh so my conclusion Remains the Same as it has been he is the best arm wrestler that I’ve ever faced in my career he’s the best arm wrestler that I believe that there has been in history”

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