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When Will Devon Larratt Fight Levan Saginashvili Next? Will the Match Happen?

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The sport of arm wrestling has seen its fair share of iconic figures, but none more influential in recent years than Devon Larratt and Levan Saginashvili. After the intense battle at the East vs West 12, everyone is asking the same question: When will Devon Larratt fight LEVAN SAGINASHVILI next?

East vs West 12

These two superheavyweight powerhouses decided to settle the score at the “East vs West 12” event on April 20th, 2024, in Istanbul. The stakes? The coveted Super Heavyweight World Title. But things did not exactly go in Devon Larrats favour and he suffered a defeat at the hands of Levan Saginashvili.

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The anticipation for this rematch was palpable. Devon Larratt, coming off a win against Georgi Tsvetkov in December 2023, was more active than Levan Saginashvili, whose last match had taken place over a year ago due to an injury. The Super Heavyweight World Title was on the line, and both arm wrestlers gave it their all.

When will Devon Larratt fight LEVAN SAGINASHVILI next?

Devon Larratt, after this defeat, has decided to step away from the Super Heavyweight division. Instead, he plans to shed a few pounds and compete in either the U115KG or U105KG weight classes. We can expect to see him in other World Title battles soon.  it may look like the end of this classic rivalry but there can be a twist.

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However, Devon Larratt can meet Levan Saginashvili again if the latter decides to drop a weight class or if the former decides to make a comeback to the Super Heavyweight division after taking the heavy weight world title.

Larratt retires from the Super Heavyweight division

Larratt talked about his goals and plans after retirement from the Super Heavyweight division: “This bit: I’m never going to stop arm wrestling I’m never going to stop being involved in arm wrestling.

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“I still have goals in arm wrestling um the super heavyweight division is not one of them it is not one of them the the lessons that I’ve learned in the super heavyweight division is uh you know the levels of strength and power that you must have are just  it’s a very intense requirement of time and energy like uh the level is crazy high it’s crazy high uh I know how strong I was and I know how strong Levan was um hats off once again to Levan for raising the ceiling for raising our sport.”

“I think we have a champion that we can really be proud of across across like anytime anybody wants to talk about arm wrestling uh we can say look at this Juggernaut we have yeah come and face him”

When will we see Devon Larratt on the table again?

As per a recent announcement, Larratt is set to appear in the East vs West 13 in July 2024. He will take on the challenge of Davit Dadikyan in Istanbul.

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