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Steve Harvey of Boxing!!! – Ringside Announcer Accidently Declares the Wrong Fighter As Champion

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During the WBA bantamweight title fight between Cherneka Johnson and Nina Hughes, the ringside announcer delivered a blunder that left fans and fighters alike in shock. It was a moment reminiscent of Steve Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe mix-up, and Lt. Dan Hennessey, the announcer, unwittingly stepped into the spotlight as the “Steve Harvey of Boxing.”

According to a tweet by ClutchPoints [@ClutchPoints], the ringside announcer at the Cherneka Johnson vs. Nina Hughes title fight mistakenly declared the wrong champion, leading to an awkward mix-up that would make even Steve Harvey blush.

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The Fight: Cherneka Johnson vs. Hughes

Steve Harvey of Boxing!!! - Ringside Announcer Accidentally Declares the Wrong Fighter As Champion

Cherneka Johnson, the determined challenger, squared off against the reigning champion, Nina Hughes. The tension in the arena was palpable as both fighters exchanged blows, each vying for supremacy. The bout went the distance, with Johnson showcasing her skills and resilience.

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The Scorecards and the Blunder

As the final bell rang, the judges’ scorecards were tallied. The results were close but clear: Johnson secured a majority decision victory. The scores read 98-92, 96-94, and a third judge even scored it as a draw.The crowd held its breath, awaiting the official announcement. And then came the moment that would forever haunt Lt. Dan Hennessey.

The Steve Harvey Moment


Hennessey, a former United States Marine, stepped up to the microphone to declare the winner. But fate had other plans. In a twist that defied logic, he announced Nina Hughes as the victor, raising her arm in celebration. The 41-year-old champion, momentarily stunned, began soaking in the glory of her supposed win. The arena erupted in confusion, akin to the infamous “Moonlight” debacle at the Oscars in 2017.

The Swift Correction


Reality soon crashed the party. Hennessey, realizing his mistake, corrected himself. He re-read the scores, this time accurately, and declared Cherneka Johnson the true winner. Suddenly, it was Johnson’s arm in the air, leaving Hughes bewildered and the announcers on the broadcast scratching their heads. It was a scene straight out of a Hollywood script, but unfortunately, it played out live in the boxing ring.

Nina Hughes, robbed of her momentary celebration, expressed her frustration. “It’s a joke. I feel like I’ve been robbed big time,” she said. “There’s got to be a rematch. I didn’t lose that fight. How can they announce I had won and then change the scores?”Hughes demanded justice, and rightfully so. The blunder had consequences beyond the ring, tarnishing the credibility of the sport.


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