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Jake Paul’s Boxing Match Against Ryan Bourland : Is This the End of Influencer Boxing?

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March 2, 2024: One high-profile bout between Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland took place in Puerto Rico. Well this is what the promoters are saying but it looks like the fans and the boxing community doesn’t hold the same opinion. And it looks like many fans are done with the Fad.

What is Influencer boxing?

In recent years, influencer boxing has taken the sports world by storm. Social media personalities, YouTubers, and internet celebrities have stepped into the ring, captivating audiences and blurring the lines between celebrity culture and professional sports.

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What happened in the match?

The controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, has been on a mission to prove himself in the boxing world. With an 8-1 record (including five knockouts), Paul has faced opponents from various backgrounds, including fellow influencers and professional fighters.

Bourland, A journeyman with 19 professional fights under his belt, Bourland brought experience to the ring. At 35 years old, he was the most accomplished traditional boxer that Paul had encountered. However, for most boxing fans he’s just another name from the past.

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The Hype

Paul, always one for spectacle, hyped up the fight as a stepping stone toward a world championship. He acknowledged Bourland’s credentials and expressed a desire to challenge himself. However, questions lingered about Bourland’s form. His last fight was in 2018, and this bout marked his return after a two-year hiatus.

The Fight

The Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan was the stage for this intriguing clash. As the event streamed live on DAZN, fans wondered if Bourland could pose a real threat to Paul’s ambitions. The opening moments saw Paul light on his feet, firing off jabs that split Bourland’s guard. The jabs opened up shots to Bourland’s ribs, leaving him chasing Paul for offense opportunities.

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But the outcome was swift. In the first round, Paul’s relentless assault overwhelmed Bourland. The referee stepped in, declaring a technical knockout in favor of Jake Paul. The influencer had triumphed once again, leaving fans both impressed and skeptical.

Influencer Boxing’s Future:

  • With each influencer boxing match, the popularity dips. Paul’s victory against Bourland, looks glorious on paper but nobody is interested.
    However, with more seasoned fighters stepping up to face social media stars it looks like the fad is not going anywhere weather you like it or not.

The Jake Paul Factor:

  • Jake Paul’s influence cannot be ignored. His brash persona and marketing savvy draw attention. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s a driving force behind influencer boxing. If Paul continues to win, he’ll remain a central figure in this phenomenon. But a significant loss could alter the landscape.


Jake Paul’s victory over Ryan Bourland raises questions about the future of influencer boxing. While some dismiss it as a passing fad, others see it as a gateway to broader boxing audiences. As long as influencers step into the ring and fans keep watching, this unique blend of entertainment and sport will persist. Whether it’s the end or just the beginning, only time—and the next bout—will tell.

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