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Fans Mock Jaguars Owner Tony Khan for Priotizing AEW over the NFL Draft

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On the eve of the highly anticipated 2024 NFL Draft, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan and the team’s Chief Football Strategy Officer, Tony Khan, found themselves in a unique spotlight. However, this spotlight wasn’t for football; it was for an unexpected turn of events during an AEW Dynamite episode at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

A recent tweet by THE™ Jessi Davin (@jessithebuckeye) captures the online frenzy surrounding Tony Khan’s involvement in both AEW Dynamite and the upcoming NFL Draft: “THIS MAN HAS AN NFL DRAFT TOMORROW OH MY GOD I AM THROWING UP #AEWDynamite.” This statement highlights the amusement and criticism some fans direct towards Khan for juggling two major events simultaneously.

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Tony Khan: A Multifaceted Figure

Fans Mock Jaguars Owner Tony Khan for Priotizing AEW over the NFL Draft - THE SPORTS ROOM

Tony Khan is a prominent figure in both professional wrestling and American football. He’s the president, CEO, and co-founder of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a major wrestling promotion. Additionally, Tony Khan serves as the chief strategy officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL franchise owned by his father, Shad Khan.

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AEW Dynamite is AEW’s flagship wrestling show, airing every Wednesday night. The show features high-octane action, compelling storylines, and popular wrestlers. Khan, as the head of AEW, is heavily involved in the show’s the production and creative direction.

The NFL Draft: A Crucial Event for Football Fans

The NFL Draft is an annual event where teams select college football players to join their rosters. For football fans, this event is a source of excitement and anticipation, as it shapes the future of their favorite teams.

This week’s AEW Dynamite falls on the same day as the NFL Draft. This scheduling conflict has sparked amusement and criticism towards Tony Khan. Fans question his priorities and jokingly suggest he might miss the draft due to his involvement with AEW.

While the online mockery is lighthearted, it raises a question: Is Khan neglecting his responsibilities as a Jaguars executive by attending to AEW Dynamite? Khan has assured fans that he will be present for the NFL Draft and actively involved in the Jaguars’ draft decisions.

Managing both AEW and the Jaguars undoubtedly requires exceptional organizational skills and time management. Khan’s ability to balance these two demanding commitments will be closely watched by fans and industry insiders alike.

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