Mike Bennett names the wrestler he wants to succeed Vince McMahon as the WWE CEO

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Mike Bennett, former WWE star recently opened up on his stint in WWE and spoke
about Triple H heading to the right direction to run the company after Vince McMahon.

Mike Bennett recalls his relationship with Triple H

Mike Bennett, who was released by WWE in April along with other stars due to COVID-19 budget cuts, has discussed how he could open up to Triple H during his time in the company.

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Mike Bennett

He said, “I always felt like I could talk to Triple H man-to-man. I always felt like when I talked to Vince, he just told me what I wanted to hear so I would get out of his office.”

“Like with Triple H, I could be brutally honest and I would say things to him, and I felt like I could be like, ‘this is why I’m upset. Let me tell you. Talk to me like a man. Let’s see what we can do from there,’ and I always appreciated that relationship.”

Mike Bennett has performed in multiple NXT live shows for a short period of time. From his words, it could be concluded that he reckons Triple H could be the one who could handle the business well after Vince McMahon. He also mentioned how ‘The Game’ understands talent.

He said, “I mean I really liked my short stint at doing NXT live events and stuff. Triple H, he feels like he is headed in the right direction. He feels like he understands the talent.”

Mike Bennett also spoke about his stint in NXT. He said that Triple H observes the credibility of the talents and also the past performances in the other promotions.

Mike Bennett names the wrestler he wants to succeed Vince McMahon as the WWE CEO - THE SPORTS ROOM

“Like with Vince, it feels like he has no idea what we’ve done before. He has no idea what anyone’s done outside of WWE. With Triple H, I always felt like he knew exactly what we were capable of because he watched us.”

Mike added, that Triple H follows where the new talent has worked before. Be it in Ring of Honor(ROH), or Impact, or New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), or Noah, he keeps a tab on what the talent has to offer.

Mike Bennett has held the WWE 24/7 Championship while being in WWE.

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