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Jim Ross opens up about the backstage issues Triple H had with Chris Jericho and Booker T

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Triple H is one of the most polarizing figures to exist in the WWE. Despite all the accolades, the Game’s record backstage does not bode a good impression. Jim Ross weighed in on the issues that the current NXT producer had against former WWE stalwarts Chris Jericho and Booker T.

It was previously reported that Triple H was one of the least popular figures in the locker room during the time. Several people were upset over the fact that he squashed Booker T during their encounter at Summerslam 2007.

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Moreover, he was also accused of not putting legend Ric Flair over and burying Chris Jericho following his famous return.

Triple H
Jim Ross shed light into what went on backstage (SEScoops/Electric Bento)

Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross implied that the future WWE Hall Of Famer might have been jealous of the overly charismatic Chris Jericho.

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“The Jericho thing was, I believe, quite simply that Jericho had a load of charisma, naturally, that Hunter [Triple H] may not have had at that point in time, and the fact that Jericho was under six feet tall,” Ross said. “It’s petty bulls***.”

The former WWE commentator proceeded to add that Triple H used his power in the creative process to undermine Chris Jericho and Booker T by criticizing them.

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“It was regrettable, especially when you’re talking about two guys like Booker T and Jericho who, really, you make yourself look bad by inferring that they don’t belong for whatever reason,”

Ross felt that a wrestler with sufficient calibre when it comes to in-ring work and other aspects would not make such comments like Triple H did back then.

Jericho had revealed his real-life animosity with Triple H

WWE News: Chris Jericho Shares Real Thoughts On Triple H
The two legends had a series of bouts including the main event of WrestleMania 18 (Inquistr)

The AEW star, who was with the WWE for almost two decades, had opened up about the real life issues he had with Triple H.

Last year, in an interview with Rich Eisen, Jericho stated that he and the two-time Royal Rumble winner disliked each other, but have put their issues past them.

“We just had this professional rivalry, maybe a bit of a personal dislike [for each other]. But fast forward five, six, seven years, you get to be older and wiser and think back. Why did we have so many problems? Why did we hate each other? Why didn’t we like each other? And now we’re friends.” Jericho had said

H/T to SK Wrestling for the transcription of the Grilling JR Podcast

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