Tony Khan sheds praise on Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa

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Tony Khan, the AEW President was one of many who praised the two of the best stars on the Women’s Division of AEW roster- Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker, who stole this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. They showcased a great match which ended up becoming a blood fest and fans have been buzzing about it on social media.

Tony Khan calls it a memorable main event

Tony Khan sheds praise on Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa - THE SPORTS ROOM

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa put up a memorable first-ever women’s main-event match on St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of AEW Dynamite. The brutal Unsanctioned Lights Out match gave the fans a match which will be discussed for a long time.

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During the match Britt Baker’s face was all covered with blood and her picture has been circulating on social media and the stars got nothing but praise all round.

Baker’s head was busted wide open during a spot in the match when Rosa had hit a dropkick on a ladder onto her face. She then executed a DDT and curb stomp Baker on a steel chair following which Baker’s face started bleeding, something which is a rare sight to see in a women’s match.

Tony Khan sheds praise on Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa - THE SPORTS ROOM

Baker had managed to kick out at two which was a shocking moment in the match. The finish of the match saw Rosa put Baker through a table on the floor to secure the victory.

Tony Khan seemed to be glad to witness such a product of wrestling on his show and shared his thoughts on Twitter. Tony Khan wrote: “What a great main event, thank you to everyone who joined us tonight for the Lights Out Match, @thunderrosa22 vs. Dr. @RealBrittBaker, the culmination of a classic rivalry as a 4 month story paid off in one of the greatest & most memorable main event matches ever on #AEWDynamite!”

The feud between Baker and Rosa had ignited in November after Baker cost Rosa a match against Serena Deeb which was for the NWA Women’s Championship. Baker wanted to demolish Rosa and remove her from AEW, due to her being an outsider from the NWA.

After month of brawling, they locked horns at AEW Beach Break which Baker had won after an interference from her manager, Rebel. But, Rosa got a victory to equal the terms.