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Kevin Durant Sends a Class Reply to Anthony Edwards After Getting Swept by Timberwolves

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The 2023-24 NBA season came to a dramatic close for the Phoenix Suns as they were swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves. The young Timberwolves star, Anthony Edwards, delivered the final knockout blow, dropping an impressive 40 points on Kevin Durant and the Suns in Game 4. But beyond the on-court battle, there was mutual respect and admiration between Edwards and Durant.

Even opponents took notice, with Kevin Durant offering high praise for the young star on the NBA’s official Twitter account:

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“So impressed with Ant. My favorite player to watch… just his love for the game shines bright… love everything about Ant.” – KD with HIGH PRAISE for Anthony Edwards . (@NBA)

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Durant’s admiration for Edwards highlights a changing of the guard in the NBA. Let’s explore the significance of this praise and what it means for both players moving forward.

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Kevin Durant’s Praise

Kevin Durant Sends a Class Reply to Anthony Edwards After Getting Swept by Timberwolves - THE SPORTS ROOM

After the game, Kevin Durant, a future Hall of Famer and one of the league’s most accomplished players, had nothing but praise for Edwards. Kevin Durant told reporters, “So impressed by Ant. My favorite player in the league to watch… love everything about Ant.” High praise indeed, especially coming from a player of Durant’s caliber.

A Mutual Appreciation

The feeling was mutual. Edwards, who grew up watching Kevin Durant’s games, expressed his admiration for the superstar. “I think everybody here knows that’s my favorite player of all time,” Edwards said. “That was probably one of the best feelings ever in my whole life, for sure.” The young guard’s confidence and fearlessness on the court have caught the attention of NBA veterans like Durant.

Trash Talk and Olympics

During the series, Edwards engaged in some friendly trash talk with Durant. In Game 1, he hit a stepback three-pointer over Durant, leaving both players grinning. Edwards plans to continue the banter when they meet up for the Olympics this summer. “I watch every last one of his games since I’ve been about 5,” Edwards said. “Excited to play with him this summer, talk a little trash, let him know I sent him home.” It’s a testament to the camaraderie and mentorship that exists among NBA players.

The Future of Minnesota

As the Timberwolves celebrate their first playoff series win in two decades, Anthony Edwards stands at the forefront of a new era. His explosive scoring, athleticism, and love for the game have endeared him to fans and fellow players alike. With Durant’s endorsement, Edwards is well on his way to becoming a household name in the NBA.

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