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Doc Rivers Claims Credit for JJ Redicks Success- “I am The One Who Grabbed Him Out of Milwaukee and Started Him”

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JJ Redick, the sharpshooting guard known for his lethal three-point shooting, has had a remarkable NBA career. His journey from being drafted by the Orlando Magic to becoming a key player on multiple teams is a testament to his hard work and talent. However, it was under one coach’s guidance that Redick truly blossomed. In a recent tweet, Doc Rivers, the former coach of the LA Clippers, claimed credit for Redick’s success. Let’s dive into the details and explore how Rivers shaped Redick’s career.

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The Tweet That Ignited Controversy

Doc Rivers’ tweet about JJ Redick sparked heated discussions among NBA fans. Rivers boldly stated that Redick’s best numbers came under his coaching. But was it just bravado, or did Rivers have a point? Let’s break it down.

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JJ Redick’s Early Career


JJ Redick entered the NBA in 2006 as the 11th overall pick by the Orlando Magic. Known for his deadly shooting stroke, he struggled initially. His minutes were inconsistent, and he faced criticism for his defensive limitations. It wasn’t until later in his career that he found his groove.

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The Rivers-Redick Connection

In 2013, JJ Redick was traded to the LA Clippers, where Doc Rivers was the head coach. Rivers recognized Redick’s potential and decided to start him. This move changed everything for Redick. Under Rivers’ guidance, he became a vital part of the Clippers’ offense.

  • Career Highs: Redick’s scoring averages, three-point shooting percentage, and overall efficiency reached new heights. Rivers’ offensive system allowed Redick to thrive as a shooter.
  • Off-Ball Movement: Rivers emphasized off-ball movement, screens, and spacing. Redick’s ability to read defenses and find open spots on the court improved significantly.

Playoff Performances

During the playoffs, Redick’s impact was even more pronounced. Rivers trusted him in crucial moments, and Redick delivered. His clutch shooting and basketball IQ made him a valuable asset.

Rivers’ tweet also referenced the James Harden trade. When the Clippers acquired Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers, Redick was part of the deal. Rivers believed in Harden’s fit with the team, and Redick’s departure was a strategic move. It paid off, as the Clippers made deep playoff runs.


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