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Fernando Alonso Is The Tom Brady of Formula 1? American F1 Boss Explains How

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When it comes to defying age and maintaining peak performance, few athletes achieve what Fernando Alonso has accomplished in Formula 1. Recently, Mclaren F1 Boss took some time to appreciate the star driver and drew a parallel with the legendary NFL player Tom Brady.

Zak Brown said: “I think it’s not easy, but you see in other sports that only happens with legends. They have a work ethic that is unsurpassed, great concentration. Fernando is impressive, he is not slowing down at all. His way of running is incredible and I know him well , he doesn’t care about anything more than running,” Brown commented on Justin Bell’s podcast.

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“Maybe some of these guys, a little older, are starting to lose their way because they concentrate on other things that go beyond racing. Fernando only thinks about running and I think he is all the Tom Brady in this world, the Scott Dixon “They can challenge what makes the whole point and their talent allows them to go further in their career than many others. It’s not going to work for everyone, yes for Fernando, I would let him drive our cars any day,” 

Formula 1 racing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Drivers endure extreme G-forces, requiring peak physical fitness and unwavering concentration. Traditionally, drivers have peaked in their late 20s and early 30s, with reflexes and reaction times diminishing as they age. However, Fernando Alonso seems to be defying this trend. At 43, he continues to perform at a high level, consistently challenging younger drivers and showcasing his experience and racecraft. This longevity is reminiscent of Tom Brady, who dominated American football well into his 40s.

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The Hunger for Victory: An Unwavering Competitive Spirit

Fernando Alonso Is The Tom Brady of Formula 1? American F1 Boss Explains How - THE SPORTS ROOM

Both Alonso and Tom Brady are known for their relentless pursuit of victory. They possess an insatiable competitive spirit that drives them to constantly improve and push their limits. This hunger for success keeps them motivated even as they approach the twilight of their careers. Alonso’s desire to win is evident in his recent comments about joining Aston Martin, a team with aspirations of moving up the grid. His ambition is a key factor in his continued pursuit of excellence.

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Adaptability and Experience: Masters of the Game

Over their long careers, both Alonso and Tom Brady have witnessed significant changes in their respective sports. Formula 1 regulations have undergone constant evolution, requiring drivers to adapt to new car designs and racing strategies. Similarly, Tom Brady has played under different offensive schemes and rule changes throughout his NFL career. Their ability to adapt and learn throughout their careers has been a crucial factor in their sustained success.

As veterans in their sports, Alonso and Tom Brady have become valuable mentors for younger athletes. Their experience and knowledge serve as an invaluable resource for up-and-coming drivers and quarterbacks, respectively. Alonso’s presence at Aston Martin could potentially benefit younger teammates like Lance Stroll, providing guidance and fostering a culture of excellence within the team.


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