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Ryan García wants to have a “perfect 2021”- by defeating both Pacquiao and Tank

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2021 started with a title clinch for Ryan García. But, the rising American boxing sensation wants to make the year “perfect”, and to him, “perfect” means facing both Manny Pacquiao and Gervonta Davis, and beating both of them.

Since clinching the WBC interim lightweight belt against Luke Campbell, Ryan García has taken two names several times this past month- Manny Pacquiao and Gervonta Davis.

While a fight with the WBA welterweight champion Pacquiao is already on the books for García, although its not yet confirmed that whether the fight will be an exhibition bout or not, KingRy has been positive that it will be “all on the line” against PacMan.

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On the other hand, García has also vocally challenged Gervonta Davis to face him in the squared circle, even claiming that he would defeat “tank” within just two rounds. However, there hasn’t been any more talks regarding that fight, even whether it would take place in 2021 as same as the Manny fight.

Nonetheless, García is positive to have both of those matches in the same year, and is also confident that he will walk out as the winner in both occasions, to make 2021 “perfect” for him.

I’ll take Manny’s torch, it’s my turn: Ryan García

 In a recent interview with ESPN Deportes, Ryan García recalled his victory over Campbell and outlined how it answered several questions from the global boxing fandom.

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“That victory did a lot for me, it showed people who I really am,” said García, “A lot of people had questions leading up to that fight, can Ryan take the punches? Can Ryan fight at the elite level against an Olympic medalist? This boxer had great fights against Jorge Linares and Vasyl Lomachenko, but neither one knocked him out.”

“First, I showed that I can take hits, I fell and got back up, and then I knocked him out with a body shot. If you had questions about whether I could hit the body, now you know,” the 22-year-old added.

Moving on, García oozed conviction that his fight with Pacquiao, which he has already promoted to his massive audience on Instagram, will be historic and he would take the ‘torch’ of the eight-division world champion.

“This time I’ll take Manny’s torch, it’s my turn. I will be the fighter to do it. That fight will break records, I’m telling you,” the pugilist went on, “People are underestimating what the current era of social media means and how powerful it is. My post mentioning Manny, you can’t imagine the numbers and what it sparked. They will see what this fight will be.”

Recently, Ryan García claimed that Tank was scared to face him in the ring. Coming back to that topic, the boxer outlined a perfect 2021 for him- winning against both Pacquiao and Davis.

“(To beat) Gervonta and Manny in the same year, that would be my perfect 2021. I can’t wait to see what happens, it will be beautiful and I’m excited,” García concluded. (H/T BoxingScene)

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