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Ryan García claims Gervonta Davis is “really scared” to fight him

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Ryan García is readying himself for his dream matchup against Manny Pacquiao, but he isn’t letting go of Gervonta Davis either, as he claims Davis is “really scared” to fight him.

Even before his exhibition bout with Pacquiao was announced, WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan García (21–0, 18 KOs) already got into some verbal heat with Gervonta Davis (24–0, 23 KOs) following his win against Luke Campbell.

Back in early January, García made an appearance in Mike Tyson’s ‘Hot Box In’ podcast, where KingRy was contacted to Davis on the phone and challenged that he would trounce the “Tank” within just 2 rounds, which Davis accepted soon after.

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Although in the following days García has been focused on facing Manny, a fight he calls “the dream”, the 22-year-old is still enthusiastic about facing Davis in the squared circle in the future.

Ryan García: Tank’s legacy will be tainted if he doesn’t fight me

Speaking to sports broadcaster Stephen A. Smith on the ESPN+ show “Stephen A’s World”, García once again reiterated the challenge he threw at Tank and claimed that Davis is ‘scared’ to face him.

“I know I will KO Gervonta Davis in two rounds, and he knows that. He senses that. And I’m being generous. In the first round, I might let him survive just so I can fulfill my promise,” García told Smith.

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“You know how I know he’s scared?” KingRy went on, “He’s saying I’m on steroids. That shows you that he’s really scared. Come on now, I don’t need anything.

Furthermore, the lightweight stalwart also claimed that it will be a dent in Davis’ legacy if he doesn’t face him for a sparring contest.

“I’m worried about squeezing every ounce of greatness out of a fight, not every ounce of dollars … If he doesn’t end up fighting me sooner rather than later, his legacy will forever be tainted. Remember that,” García added.

Pacquiao fight is “much bigger” fight than Davis, says Ryan García

While Ryan García is vocal about fighting Davis, he will still need to face WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney (25–0, 15 KOs) to unify the title. However, the Pacquiao fight is more important for García, as he said he has to sideline facing Tank for the Filipino boxing legend.

What I will say is, I have to put Gervonta on the side for this fight. It’s a much bigger fight. And it’s the biggest opportunity. It’s an honor that I’m coming close to a deal to make this,” García concluded.

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