AEW newcomer Ricky Starks names his dream WWE opponent!

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Ricky Starks, the AEW wrestler has opened up on his dream WWE whom he wants to face in the squared circle. Surprisingly, the name comes up to be none other than the ‘Master of 619’, Rey Mysterio.

Ricky Starks wants a bout with Rey Mysterio

Ricky Starks

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During a session with Pro Wrestling Junkies, Ricky Starks participated in a Q&A with the fans. When asked about his dream opponent who is not on the AEW roster, he revealed,

“As far as working someone that may not be on the roster yet, that’s a hard one. Rey Mysterio – I’d have to say Rey Mysterio, for sure. That’d be good stuff.”

Ricky Starks, the former NWA star has a long way ahead in his pro-wrestling journey. Who knows, eventually we might see the WWE legend, Rey Mysterio and Ricky Starks in the same ring.

AEW newcomer Ricky Starks names his dream WWE opponent! - THE SPORTS ROOM

The AEW newcomer also expressed his wish to face other fellow wrestlers in AEW when he said, “Definitely want to do work Moxley again in a singles format. Definitely want to work Jungle Boy; those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.”

Ricky Starks opens up about signing with AEW

AEW newcomer Ricky Starks names his dream WWE opponent! - THE SPORTS ROOM

In 2019, Ricky Starks made his debut in National Wrestling Alliance(NWA) and emerged victorious against former WWE wrestler, Trevor Murdoch. He went on to win the NWA World Television Championship defeating the same wrestler as well.

In the month of May, this year Ricky Starks became a free agent after his contract expired with NWA.

AEW newcomer Ricky Starks names his dream WWE opponent! - THE SPORTS ROOM

He said, “I wasn’t signed to AEW until my match with Cody aired. I never had a contract with them prior. I was only supposed to go in there that one time and wrestle. I was a free agent because I had already left NWA.”

“My contract actually ended in April and I knew I wasn’t going to re-sign with them, so I was a free agent when I wrestled Cody. Tony Khan offered me the contract after that, unexpectedly.”

“Honestly, the jump wasn’t much of a difference to me. “For some reason, I felt oddly comfortable and like I fit in already when I got there. There wasn’t really a weird adjustment period for me.”

He continued, “I was just there to do work, and try to show out, and impress as much as I could. It was such a cooler experience, though, working in an arena that size when coming from the studio setting.”

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