2 years without meeting family, Rhea Ripley opens up about how it impacts her

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The life in WWE is really tough as most of the talents have to stay away from their families, specially when they hit the road. NXT star Rhea Ripley, who joined WWE star Samoa Joe on WWE’s Grit and Glory revealed that it is a tough thing for not being able to see her family and shared her thoughts on it.

Rhea Ripley details her struggle

Rhea Ripley

The Australian native, Rhea Ripley spoke about her struggle to spend time with her family and even not bein able to meet them.

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She said that t has been over two years since the former NXT Women’s Champion met her family members in person.Ripley had expressed her sadness over this situation and someway or the other it has affected ‘The Nightmare’ mentally.

“She said: It was a hard thing to think about was the fact that if I made it here (to WWE), I would have to leave my family. I’m a huge family girl. Knowing that I haven’t seen them in over two years now is really, really tough.”

Ripley spoke about going through many life struggles but he barely got the chance to get in touch with her family for the guidance.

The NXT star said: “I went through a lot of struggles, and I didn’t have much, like, guidance from my family because I couldn’t really contact them ’cause of the time zones. When they’re sleeping, I was awake. When they’re awake, I’m sleeping. It drags on you mentally.”

Rhea Ripley’s main roster debut has been teased for few weeks now and The Nightmare is set to make her presence felt on the main roster. It was revealed that she would be joining the roster of Monday Night RAW.

During the interview Ripley also spoke about how disappointed she was during WrestleMania match up against Charlotte Flair as her family would not be able to attend the show live amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The event took place at WWE Performance Center and had no crowd in the attendance.

She said: “It wasn’t the fact that there was going to be zero people in attendance, but it was the fact that my family couldn’t be there to be part of this moment with me. That really sucked. It made me really sad and depressed”

With Rhea Ripley’s return to WWE screen, her family will have a closer look on the red brand to witness their family girl.