Paul Wight outlines the two primary issues WWE is currently dealing with

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The former WWE veteran Paul Wight(popularly known as The Big Show) had previously addressed the lack of creativity WWE is having in the recent times. He had recently joined Renee Paquette for ‘Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette’ podcast and spoke about how competition is important in pro wrestling, and how WWE is facing some trouble due to their huge number of talents on the roster.

Paul Wight says WWE lacks competition

Paul Wight

Paul Wight was signed by AEW after he had expressed his desire to leave WWE due to the absence of the creative vision involving him in the company. Thus he felt he was being underutilized and he claims that he has still a lot to dish out to the industry and landed up in AEW in stunning deal.

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The veteran star noted that WWE needs another brand to compete with and reckoned that the plethora of talents are unable to find out their actual self in the company.

Paul Wight said: “I don’t care if this pis*es people off or not, but I’m going to say it: you need competition that’s not in the same house. You need another brand, where if someone doesn’t find out who they are on one brand, there is still another company where they can reinvent themselves and try again. I think that’s the problem when WWE was the only game in town.”

Another drawback of WWE is that they have too many number of stars in the roster which is refraining them to get an opportunity on the big picture.

He added: “Sure, you had all the talent, sure, you had this great plethora of talent to work with. I think that’s one of the problems that WWE has now is because they have so much talent, that they can’t really maximize on all that talent.”

Renee Paquette said that once a talent part ways with WWE, they would have to constantly contact people in the company asking for the opportunities. Paul Wight said also revealed that it is a shame that WWE believes that they are doing a favour to the stars giving them TV time.

Wight revealed that he still has a lot to provide and will also work as a performer in AEW, apart from color commentary in the promotion.