F1 Bahrain GP Results: Lewis Hamilton reaches the finishing line first while Romain Grosjean experiences a fiery mishap

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Mercedes racer, Lewis Hamilton captured the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday and he has now won seven World Championships. Meanwhile, Haas’ Romain Grosjean survived a horrific accident during the race.

Lewis Hamilton emerges victorious yet again

F1 Bahrain GP Results: Lewis Hamilton reaches the finishing line first while Romain Grosjean experiences a fiery mishap - THE SPORTS ROOM

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Lewis Hamilton finished the Bahrain Grand Prix race first as he has now 95 career wins. Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen finished second. Alexander Albon reached the finish line third.

Check out the standings below:

1.Lewis Hamilton

2.Max Verstappen

3.Alexander Albon

4.Lando Norris

5.Carlos Sainz Jr.

6.Pierre Gasly

7.Daniel Ricciardo

8.Valtteri Bottas

9.Esteban Ocon

10.Charles Leclerc

11.Daniil Kvyat

12.George Russell

13.Sebastian Vettel

14.Nicholas Latifi

15.Kimi Raikkonen

16.Antonio Giovinazzi

17.Kevin Magnussen

18.Sergio Perez

Lance Stroll-Accident

Romain Grosjean-Accident

The race saw a horrendous incident and it was suspended for an hour and twenty minutes. Romain Grosjean had moved right across the track and had a little collision with Daniil Kvyat which sent him out of the track and resulted in a collision with the barrier.

Lewis Hamilton

The impact left his car torn into pieces as his car lighted up in fumes. It was very fortunate that he could come out of the car immediately.

The race was red-flagged and suspended for an hour and twenty minutes. He had suffered minor burns on his hands and ankles. Further reports sat that he had sustained broken ribs as well.

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Following the race, the winner of Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton reflected on Romain Grosjean’s accident. He said, “It was such a shocking image to see. When I get in the car I know that I’m taking risks and I respect the dangers that are in this sport.”

“I posted about it whilst we were in that break because it’s horrifying. I don’t know what Gs [forces] he pulled but I’m so grateful that the Halo worked, I’m grateful that the barrier didn’t slice his head up or something like that. It could have been so much worse.”

“Thankful to the FIA for the massive strides we’ve taken for Romain to walk away from that safely.”

The next race is Sakhir Grand Prix which is set to take place at the same venue of Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday, December 6.

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