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Mike Tyson looked f***ing awesome tonight: Dana White

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Boxing virtuoso and former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson made his highly anticipated return to the ring today as he took on Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition fight in LA which ended in a draw. However, UFC president Dana White lauds over Tyson, exuberantly saying that the veteran looked “f***ing awesome”.

Even though the star-studded bout between the two legendary pugilists did not have a definite winner, a ripped-physique Mike Tyson made the boxing fandom remember his golden days as the 54-year-old delivered spectacular blows to Jones throughout the 8-round match, without any signs of his age slowing him down.

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Despite the match ending in a draw, it was Tyson who dominated Jones throughout the match with sheer finesse, even though “The Baddest Man On The Planet” returned to action after 15 years.

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Dana White was “blown away by” Mike Tyson’s performance

Mike Tyson looked f***ing awesome tonight: Dana White - THE SPORTS ROOM
Mike Tyson was marvellous inside the ring against Roy Jones Jr. (Image Courtesy: Triller)

The biggest fanboy moment was observed from Dana White. Following the fight, the UFC chief couldn’t hold onto his excitement over how brilliant Iron Mike performed against Jones despite his age.

“Listen man, you guys have been asking me questions leading up to this thing, and I didn’t want to say anything and he is a good friend of mine,” said White, “I was nervous; he is 54 years old, time is undefeated and time takes us all down.”

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“And one of the things I was worried about for Mike was that he has this incredible aura still. And 54 years old… fighting is a young man’s game.”

“All that being said, he looked f***ing awesome tonight, I was blown away by how good he looked,” added White.

Furthermore, Dana White also stated being concerned for Roy, 51, who at the end of the fight was more out of breath compared to Tyson.

“And I was worried about Roy,” the UFC prez went on, “Roy is 51 years old but Roy has been way more active than Tyson has been. But Roy actually got more tired than Mike tonight which was shocking.”

In the end, White claimed that the bout went beyond his expectations and despite it having no winner, he named Tyson victorious

“I am happy for him and I hope they both made a zillion dollars, and it exceeded my expectations,” White acknowledged, “Tyson won the fight.”

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