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WWE is desperate: Kenny Omega takes a huge shot at the rival company

AEW EVP and World Champion Kenny Omega is no exception when it comes to taking a shot at the rival company, WWE. It has been noted how WWE Chairman has brought legends to the programming time and time again. WWE have struggled to get more viewership for quite some time while AEW’s viewership has been on a high. According to AEW’s Kenny Omega, WWE is taking desperate measures to get more viewership as Tony Khan’s company is on the rise in terms of viewership which they have gained in such a short period of time. 

Kenny Omega takes a jibe at WWE

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The competition between AEW and WWE is no secret. The former has gained quite a popularity with their product and since its inception in 2019, they have dished out some iconic matches and memorable moments for the fans.

The promotion has already bagged the signings of many former WWE stars like Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan in WWE) and Adam Cole. The former WWE Champion CM Punk also made his epic return to pro-wrestling in Tony Khan’s promotion as well.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with Tokyo Sports, when he stated that there was initially a massive gap between WWE and AEW because the latter was a fledgling company in its early days.

‘The Cleaner’ added that the tables have turned now, so WWE continues to try and keep up with the momentum of AEW. He named this dynamic as the reason why the company keeps bringing in legends in order to garner more viewers.

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“At the start, there was a huge gap between WWE and AEW,” said Omega. “[It] was just some fledgling promotion after all. But have you realized how the tables have turned? WWE is desperate. They keep bringing back legends every other week.” [The quotes used are auto-translated from a Japanese article]

Kenny Omega recently faced Bryan Danielson on the Grand Slam episode of AEW Dynamite last week. Many fans have considered this as a dream match that AEW President Tony Khan has fulfilled. They showcased a hard-hitting bout but that sadly ended in a time-limit draw. We will see if AEW books another match between the two top stars down the road.


  • WWE brings legends to the programming
  • Kenny Omega states WWE brings legends to increase viewership


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