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Gina Carano reveals to Joe Rogan how she gave a bold response to a top MMA star

Joe Rogan recently hosted the MMA star-turned-actress Gina Carano during the #1837 edition of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. They started speaking about the old school UFC and noted how there were a lot of people disparaging women fighting. The list includes the UFC President Dana White as well, who changed his mind eventually. He started hiring some top female athletes and the rest is history.

There are multiple women’s divisions in the UFC and there was even a two-division champion in Amanda Nunes, another favorite of White’s. Needless to mention, the UFC Hall of Famer, Ronda Rousey, is arguably of the greatest fighters to ever step foot inside the ring. Gina Carano then went on to share a story with Joe Rogan and revealed a conversation she had with Nick Diaz.

Gina Carano tells Joe Rogan on how she responded

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The Diaz brothers, Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz are two of the biggest names in the world of combat sports. They often grab the headlines with their controversial comments. The former UFC star recently recalled a conversation she had with Nick Diaz when the latter expressed his dislike towards the concept of women fighters.

Joe Rogan noted how Dana White was not a fan of women fighting back in the day as Carano chimed in:

“Let’s say the Diaz boys, like I remember fighting on the same card as Nick Diaz, you’re sitting next to me and of course I was just nervous because I absolutely adored him, still. Do I think he’s amazing? I just haven’t seen him in like a decade. But we’re sitting there before our fight, having our post-weigh and dinner and he was like ‘you know I got to tell you I don’t really like women fighting.’ Obviously he said it like that.”

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Carano then continued: “He’s like ‘you know, I don’t like what you do. I don’t like women fighting and I was like, ‘that’s okay, you know, you’re just a little old-fashioned.’ And I was like, ‘ do you think my dad likes us? Do you think anybody in my family likes me fighting and he was like,’ no, old-fashioned, okay? So I’m just old-fashioned.’ I’m like, ‘yeah, you just might be a little old-fashioned.'”

Gina Carano is currently focussing on her acting career and her new film, Terror on the Prairie’ is available on Dailywire.

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