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Elias opens up on asking The Undertaker for permission to wear a hat

Elias, the WWE star who performs on Monday Night Raw recently recalled an incident that involved the WWE icon, The Undertaker. During an interview with Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, he talked about how he got the approval of wearing a hat while working a segment with The Deadman.

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Elias recalls asking for permission

The Undertaker is one of the veteran stars of the company for whom everyone in backstage has nothing but respect. There are certain rules which are to abided by and Elias made sure of it.

During the interview, he spoke about being in a tag-team match with The Phenom at the historic venue of Madison Square Garden. Prior to the match, Elias’ did a signature segment of his performance with the guitar. He had worn a hat similar to The Undertaker.

He went on to share a backstage story when WWE had planned the bout. Elias said that he had to get permission from The Phenom to wear a hat. It was done to make sure he is not involved in gimmick infringement.

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He said, “Getting to work with him, he was one of, if not my favorite wrestler growing up. I remember having a match with him at Madison Square Garden. It was the main event. It was actually a big tag team match.”

He revealed, “I opened it up with one of my songs. I was wearing a hat, which I had to get approval from the dead man because it was like a cowboy hat.”

Elias describes the experience of working with The Undertaker

Elias remembered playing guitar at the event and talked about how surreal the moment was when he faced off against The Undertaker, someone he has looked upto all his life.

He said, “Sure enough, when his music went off and Madison Square Garden went crazy and you hear that gong, I got goosebumps then. Then when he came out, it was like the next level. Then when I actually saw him, I can actually feel that moment now.”

This experience is something Elias would cherish all his life.

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