Bret Hart lashes out at Vince McMahon for “singlehandedly” killing Tag Team Wrestling

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Bret Hart, the wrestling legend and former WWE star recently shared his take on the evolution of tag-team wrestling. On the recent episode of Confessions of The Hitman, he opened up WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and alleged him for killing the tag-team wrestling over the years.

Bret Hart says Vince McMahon ‘killed a part of wrestling business’

Bret Hart, who has been a top-notch athlete in the squared circle gained popularity both in the singles competition as well as tag-team competion.

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During the show, Hart talked about the golden era of tag-team wrestling and expressed displeasure over Vince McMahon’s way of booking tag-team matches.

Bret Hart lashes out at Vince McMahon for "singlehandedly" killing Tag Team Wrestling - THE SPORTS ROOM

He claimed that McMahon was bored with the tag-team wrestling which is crucial part of the wrestling business and was responsible for killing that part.

The two-time Hall of Famer said, “I think it’s my understanding that Vince McMahon got sick of tag team wrestling and is no longer a fan of it. And that’s so sad that he kind of singlehandedly killed a part of the wrestling business that was so important.”

Hart recalled when he first broke into the pro-wrestling scene and WWE had great tag teams at that time. He mentioned tag-teams like, The Dream Team, The US Express, and The Fabulous Rougeaus who had the potential to put on five-star matches with anyone.

The Hart Foundation: photos | WWE

Bret Hart as the part of The Hart Foundation

The Hitman was popular as a tag-team star prior his breakthrough as a singles star. He used to team up with Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and their team was named as The Hart Foundation. During the show, he spoke how The British Bulldogs(Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) were a very special team who were responsible to launch the starters, The Hart Foundation.

Bret Hart

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He said how they added momentum to the tag-team wrestling and ‘raised the bar’ whenever they stepped foot inside the squared circle.

The Excellence of Execution said, “The Bulldogs really, sort of raised the bar. And I think The Hart Foundation, when we worked with The Bulldogs, we raised that bar even higher.”

Bret Hart has held the World Tag-team Championship twice and The Hart Foundation was inducted to WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

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