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Bret Hart recounts the only time WWE gave him a day off

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In a recent episode of his Confessions Of A Hitman podcast, Bret Hart spoke about the only time WWE gave him a day off for working hard for the sake of the company.

Bret Hart


After the finals of the very first King Of The Ring tournament which Hart won defeating Bam Bam Bigelow, Hart was given the next day off by WWE (then WWF). That was the only time as far as he could remember when WWE gave him a day off for working too hard. He, of course, did not hesitate to accept the offer, deciding to enjoy the rare joy of having a day off from work.

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“After that match, I remember after I won that match, they gave me the day off the next day. I remember I could hardly get out of bed. That was the only time, to my memory, that they said, ‘You worked so hard last night you can take today off.’ And I accepted that. I was like, ‘Thank you. I will take the day off and I’ll enjoy every bit of it,” he recollected.


Hart also spoke about the King Of The Ring which led to him getting the day off. In the final of the tournament, Hart faced off against Bigelow, who he believed was the best big man in the pro wrestling industry. He could do everything he wanted to, remarkable for a man of his size.

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Hart emphasized on the safety of sharing a ring with Bigelow. Even he did a cartwheel or dropped an elbow from the top rope, he would never hurt his opponent. He was, according to The Hitman, always safe to wrestle with and a true professional. Hart went on to state that ge loved the final match he had with ‘The Beast From The East.’

“He could jump off the top rope and drop an elbow on you and never hurt you. He was always safe and such a pro, such a born wrestler. I’m sure when Bam Bam Bigelow was three or four years old, he could wrestle then. He was just born to be a wrestler, and I loved working with him. I loved the match he gave me,” Hart commented.

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