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Nets coach Steve Nash yet to address ‘media blackout’ issue with Kyrie Irving

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Brooklyn Nets ace Kyrie Irving caused quite a stir with an Instagram post after the league had fined him $25,000 for failing to fulfil his media obligations. Irving proceeded to call the media personnel as ‘pawns‘ and claimed that he intends to avoid the media for the entire season as he prefers to speak on the court. Following the recent turn of events, newly-appointed head coach Steve Nash broke the silence.

Steve Nash is more than happy to discuss the issue if Kyrie Irving is open to it. (ESPN)

The head coach was full of praise for the player, who apparently has been sweating it out in the camp ahead of the season start. Nash added that he is yet to discuss the controversial Instagram post with the player.

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“I haven’t addressed it with him thus far, He’s been unbelievable in camp. He’s been playing at an extremely high level. He’s been a leader.”

The former 8-time NBA All Star added that Irving has been a delight to coach so far but claimed that he would be happy to hold the talks regarding the media situation if the player wishes to.

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While he may not be in your guys’ good books right now, he’s in my good books. I’m enjoying coaching him. He’s been unbelievable. If he seeks my thoughts or wants to discuss it, I’m happy to discuss it with him, but I have not had that convo with him yet.

Nash unclear on when Irving will speak to the media again

Kyrie Irving Responds to Being Fined By NBA for Not Talking to Media |  Complex
Kyrie Irving prefers to speak on the court (Complex)

Addressing their first preseason game against the Washington Wizards, Nash stated that Irving is indeed expected to start for the franchise. The coach did not have a clear cut answer when asked about when Irving is expected to speak to the media again.

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“To be honest, I’m trying to learn my position as well right now,” Nash said. “So I’m definitely focusing in on our process here of implementing all of our schemes, sets, scenarios, starting to schedule those things out, hitting the film every day. So I haven’t gotten into the off-the-court stuff yet. So I apologize if I can’t give you a better answer.”

Brooklyn Nets will contest in two preseason games against the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics before moving onto the regular season where Golden State Warriors await them as their first opponent.

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