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Did the Buccaneers Tamper with Tom Brady in 2020? Lavonte David Drops a Clue

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Tom Brady’s arrival in Tampa Bay in 2020 marked a turning point for the Buccaneers franchise. They went from a perennial also-ran to Super Bowl champions. But a recent comment by linebacker Lavonte David has thrown some shade on that seemingly harmonious transition.

According to a tweet by NFL Rumors, David suggested the Buccaneers might have tampered with Brady before he officially became a free agent: “Lavonte David recently suggested the Bucs might have tampered with Tom Brady in 2020, when he was under contract with the New England Patriots.”

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This accusation, if true, could have serious ramifications for the Buccaneers. Tampering with a player under contract with another team is a violation of NFL rules and can result in hefty fines and even the loss of draft picks.

David’s Revelation: Casting Doubt on the Tom Brady-Buccaneers Fairytale?

Did the Buccaneers Tamper with Tom Brady in 2020? Lavonte David Drops a Clue - THE SPORTS ROOM

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David’s comments stem from his exit interview with then-Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians after the 2019 season. According to David, Arians hinted at the possibility of Brady joining the team, stating, “And it might be The GOAT.” While this doesn’t explicitly confirm tampering, it does suggest the Buccaneers had Brady on their radar before free agency officially began.

The NFL has a strict tampering policy in place to prevent unfair advantages. It prohibits teams from having any unauthorized contact with players under contract with another team. If the league investigates and finds evidence of such contact, the penalties can be severe.

Did the Bucs Overstep Their Boundaries? A Look at Potential Consequences

The NFL has a history of cracking down on tampering violations. In 2020, the Miami Dolphins were penalized for tampering with Brady during his time with the Patriots. The team was fined $1.5 million and lost two draft picks.

If the league determines the Buccaneers engaged in similar conduct, they could face similar repercussions. A fine, loss of draft picks, or even a suspension for those involved are all potential consequences.

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