Booker T raises an eyebrow over Sting taking Brian Cage’s powerbomb on AEW Dynamite

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Booker T, the former WWE star on the latest episode of The Hall of Fame Podcast, reflected on veteran star Sting getting hit with a powerbomb at the hands of FTW Champion, Brian Cage.

Booker T reveals why Sting took the bump

Booker T

The veteran wrestler Sting was last seen wrestling in 2015 when he took on Seth Rollins in WWE and an injury costed his career.

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He recently made his debut at AEW but was not expected to take a bump until last week’s edition of Dynamite when Brian Cage attacked him and hit a powerbomb to The Icon.

Now, Booker T talked about the segment and gave his thoughts why Sting took the heavy bump. The 2-time WWE Hall of Famer said Sting taking the bump is a statement which he made to the young talents that he wasn’t showing up to just collect a pay cheque and leave, rather taking bumps in his 60s.

Booker T also mentioned how Sting does not wants to be the one to stay on the sidelines or sitting on the bench.

He said: “You want to get in the game. I know that’s Sting’s mentality, he’s not going to want to go there and just get a pay cheque. Don’t treat me like I’m one of the old guys, he wants to feel like one of the boys. One of the ways to ingratiate yourself with the boys is to go out and take a big bump, go out there and do something crazy, jump off something.”

Sting took the hard bump at the hands of Brian Cage at the age of 61 which is a huge thing as not many wrestlers are able to deal with it and also to be mentioned how his bout against Seth Rollins ended his career.

He added: “That’s what Sting did, went out and took the biggest bump you could possibly take which was the powerbomb by Brian Cage. It was a hard bump, definitely one of those bumps after coming off the deal with Seth Rollins he said I want to test myself. Let me test myself, go out here and see if I can still take it at 61 years old.

Booker T admitted that he would never be able to take a bump like that at his current age. He said Sting didn’t need to put himself in that position and something like a simple assault would have worked instead of a powerbomb.

Sting and Darby Allinn are set to team up and take on Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight at AEW Revolution on March 7.