Booker T reveals not being surprised with the release of Murphy

Vince McMahon
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WWE legend Booker T recently opened up on the former WWE star Murphy. Alongside other stars, he was also released from the company yesterday due to the budget cuts. Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Lana, Ruby Riott, and Santana Garrett, were all released on Wednesday.

Buddy Murphy breaks silence regarding his WWE release

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Booker T talks about the release of Murphy

Though many fans were stunned with the names in the list of released stars, WWE legend Booker T stated that he was not surprised by the release of Murphy.

The Hall of Famer lauded Murphy for being a good in-ring talent. However, he believes that the Aussie star was ‘not an extraordinary talent.’

Booker T discussed Buddy Murphy’s release from WWE. He said that it was not predictable that he would be released but he was not surprised with WWE’s decision.

Booker T said:

“Buddy Murphy wasn’t a surprise to me at all. Not saying I saw it coming or anything, it wasn’t on the radar or anything like that.”

He said that Murphy is a great performer but he is not the one who “leaps and bounds ahead of the game”.

Booker T said: “But I’m not surprised because Buddy Murphy is a guy that can work, but, there again, it was nothing that Buddy Murphy did for me as a performer that made me say, ‘Man, this guy is leaps and bounds ahead of the game, this guy is an extraordinary talent.'”

Following the release Murphy took to his Twitter account and addressed the release. Here are the Tweets:

With the release Murphy ended is eight year long run at the company. He was previously a part of NXT and then shifted to the Cruiserweight division, and finally got the the main roster call up.

He was in the corner of Seth Rollins during their feud with the Mysterios. Murphy was also involved ina romantic angle with Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah but the storyline got dropped abruptly.

Following that he had a few matches on SmackDown before going a brief histus. He returned in March this year and again joined forces with Seth Rollins.

He then went on to have a few matches with Cesaro, and his final appearance in WWE came at this year’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, which took place few days before WrestleMania 37 at an edition of SmackDown. We will see what is next for Murphy.