Booker T terms Samoa Joe’s WWE release a ‘huge loss’

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WWE legend Booker T recently shared his thoughts on the release of former WWE star and commentator Samoa Joe. He took to his Hall of Fame podcast and revealed how he felt on the release.

Booker T was surprised with the incident

Booker T

Samoa Joe had been away from the in-ring action due to injury but had been working on-screen as color commentator on WWE shows. But, he was released alongside several other WWE stars including Billy Kay,Mickie James and Chelsea Green.

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During the podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer Booker T admitted that he was surprised by WWE’s decision of letting go Samoa Joe. He addressed him as the’utility guy’ and reckoned he can fill in any spot in the company.

Booker T said: “He was on the sidelines, but I always thought Joe was going to do that job. Joe is like me – he’s kind of like a utility guy. ‘You need me over here, I’ll do that; you need me over here, I’ll do that.’ And be content with actually doing that, not being consumed with: ‘Man, I got to get back in the ring, I’m missing the boat.’

He further stated that it is a huge loss for the company. The former World Champion was surprised WWE even considered him in the list.

He added: “But, am I surprised that Joe was on the list? I must say 100%, I am. I don’t know the ramifications of what happened but I do think it’s a loss for the company.”

Booker T also spoke highly of the former United States Champion and stated that Samoa Joe would be successful wherever his next destination is.

Booker T and Samoa Joe battled multiple times

Booker T terms Samoa Joe's WWE release a 'huge loss' - THE SPORTS ROOM

Booker T and Samoa Joe have fought handful of matches a few occasions when they were in TNA back in the 2000s.They have faced each other in singles matches as well as tag team matches. They had also collided for the TNA World Heavyweight title.

Samoa Joe, had joined WWE in 2015 and was part of several great matches on NXT and also captured the NXT Championship twice. He debuted in the main roster in 2017 and had won the United States Championship.