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Cormani McClain’s Transfer Decision- “I don’t wanna play for clicks…”

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Cormani McClain, the talented freshman cornerback from the University of Colorado, has made waves by entering the transfer portal. His departure has raised eyebrows, especially given his initial commitment to the Buffaloes. In a recent Q&A video titled “Next Step,” McClain expressed his desire for a different football experience—one that transcends mere publicity and clicks.

Cormani McClain’s Message: Seeking a “Real Program”

Cormani McClain’s Transfer Decision- "I don’t wanna play for clicks…” - THE SPORTS ROOM

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Cormani McClain’s tweet, which subtly aimed at both the Colorado program and head coach Deion Sanders, read:

“Be a part of a real and great program. I don’t wanna play for clicks…”

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The implications were clear: Cormani McClain sought more than just social media attention; he craved substance, development, and a genuine football environment.

As a former five-star recruit, Cormani McClain arrived at Colorado with high expectations. However, his freshman year didn’t unfold exactly as planned. While he recorded 13 tackles and defended two passes in nine games, something seemed amiss. Perhaps it was the spotlight that accompanied Deion Sanders’ arrival as head coach—a phenomenon that turned Boulder into a social media sensation.

In his YouTube video, Cormani McClain emphasized his desire to change the narrative surrounding his name. He yearned to bring out the best version of himself and be part of a program that would impact him profoundly. His words echoed the hunger for substance—the hunger to be part of something greater than fleeting fame.

McClain’s decision to enter the transfer portal hasn’t gone unnoticed. Several prominent programs have expressed interest in recruiting him. LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Auburn, Texas A&M, USC, UCF, USF, Georgia, UCLA, and Oregon are among those vying for his talents. McClain’s next move will undoubtedly shape his football journey and determine whether he finds the real and great program he seeks.

Cormani McClain also clarified that his academic performance wasn’t the reason behind his transfer. He maintained strong grades at Colorado, emphasizing the importance of staying on top of his studies. His focus remains unwavering: to work hard, contribute, and make an impact wherever he lands.

Deion Sanders’ Response

Deion Sanders, ever the optimist, expressed his prayers for McClain. In an interview, he stated, “I pray to God that he goes to a program that challenges him, as well as holds him accountable and develops him as a young man.” Sanders acknowledged that Colorado wasn’t the right fit for McClain’s aspirations.


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