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Blair Davenport, fka Bea Priestley, debuts at WWE NXT

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Blair Davenport has debuted in NXT UK with a victory and she is wasting no time to send warning to the women’s division of the brand.

Blair Davenport


She is one of the first professional wrestlers to arrive at WWE after being a regular member of the AEW roster. The current Davenport waa released from AEW in August 2020 due to being unable to travel from her home in Japan due to restrictions from COVID-19.

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On last week’s episode of WWE NXT UK, the UK-based sister brand of WWE NXT, a teaser vignette heralded the arrival of Blair Davenport, the new ring name of UK and Japan circuit star Bea Priestley. WWE had already applied for a trademark of the name a couple of months back.

In the vignette, she said that she had wrestled all over the world and sacrificed the company of her friends and family to attain mastery over the art of professional wrestling and reach where she was standing at last. Calling NXT UK the show with the greatest women’s division in the world, she said that it was inevitable for her to join the best of the best. She then went on to announce her arrival in NXT UK.

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“I have wrestled all around the world. I have sacrificed everything to get to where I am today. I have given up friends, I have given up family, to master what I do. Did you really think that I wouldn’t end up a part of the greatest women’s division on Earth? Blair Davenport has arrived in NXT UK,” the former Bea Priestley, known for her appearances in All Elite Wrestling, World of Sport Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, and Progress Wrestling and World Wonder Ring Stardom, announced through the means of the vignette.

This week on NXT UK, Davenport quickly defeated Laura Di Matteo with two of the best moves in her arsenal: a springboard dropkick following by a running knee strike. After the match ended in an easy victory, she got hold of a microphone to warn each and every member of the show’s women’s roster, including the Joshi legend Meiko Satomura, who is the current NXT UK Women’s Champion in her first reign.

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