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Washington Wizards suffer 5th straight postponement due to COVID

What could be worse for the supporters than to see their beloved team having five back to back defeats? Not being able to play for five match days at a stretch. Unfortunately, its the Washington Wizards who are sustaining this test of patience.

After four of their previous matches getting postponed due to COVID-19, Wizards now have got their Wednesday fixture against Charlotte Hornets called off, their fifth postponement in the last 11 days.

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Wizards have suffered the highest no of postponements in the current season

Last week, six players from the franchise tested positive for COVID, effectively ruling out the rest of the squad over exposure worries and the team has been unable to practice as well.

They last played a game against Phoenix Suns back on 11th January, where Wizards won 128-107. As of now, their upcoming active fixture is against Milwaukee Bucks this Friday, with the hopes that Scott Brooks and his boys do not suffer a sixth straight postponement.

“We still trust in the NBA and the medical, the science and everything behind it,” Brooks spoke to AFP, “they are going to put us in the best position possible.”

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“We knew going into it there were going to be some bumps in the road. We’ve got to keep navigating. It has definitely been some difficult days for us but we’re going to have to continue to work together and move on,” the head coach added.

Since 10th January, the NBA has seen a total of 14 postponements and Wizards top the list of pushed back matches. Following their victory against the Suns, the first postponement Wizards sustained was their 13th January match against Utah Jazz.

Up next, their 15th January clash against Detroit Pistons, followed by their back to back ties against Cleveland Cavaliers on 17th and 18th January were also met with postponement. Now with their Hornets game getting called off, Wizards have the highest postponed matches in the league currently.

With three wins and eight losses so far, Wizards are currently down in the 14th position in the Eastern Conference table.


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