Titus O’Neil names wrestler with the ‘worst finisher of all time’

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Titus O’Neil, the WWE Raw star recently took part in a Rapid Fire Q&A Session with WWE AL AN with Nathalie Mamo being the host. During the session, he was asked to name the WWE star with the worst finishing move in the history of pro wrestling. Titus O’Neil then came up with an answer that has been noted.

Titus O’Neil picks The Miz to have the worst finisher

Titus O'Neil

The finishers are the signature moves of the pro-wrestlers that they perform on their opponent before ending the match.

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WWE has seen many brutal and unique finishers from The Rock’s Rock Bottom to Rey Mysterio’s 619. However, there are some moves which are less impactful that fans do not buy it.

During the Q&A session Titus O’Neil revealed that according to him the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz’s finisher called ‘The Skull Crushing Finale’ is the worst finisher of all time.

No explanation has been provided by him as to why he picked the move to be the worst or why Titus O’Neil dislikes it.

The Skull Crushing Finale is basically a full nelson facebuster where the wrestler grabs his opponent in a full nelson hold and hook’s the opponent’s near leg and throw themselves forward that drives the opponent face-first onto the mat.

How did The Miz bring The Skull Crushing Finale?

Titus O'Neil names wrestler with the 'worst finisher of all time' - THE SPORTS ROOM

The move has not been The Miz’ signature from the beginning of his career. While being in a feud with John Cena, he had lost a match on Raw where the stipulation was that he would be banned from The Staples Center, WWE Raw and SummerSlam.

However, in the following week, The Miz made an appearance as a masked wrestler called The Calgary Kid and later unmasked and revealed who he actually was.

He had faced Eugene in a Contract on a Pole match and it was during this bout that he had debuted his new finisher, The Skull Crushing Finale. He went onto with the bout earning him a WWE contract.

He had been using this move ever since and The Miz won the WWE Championship back in 2010 with this move. He is one of he top stars of the company and also successfully defended the WWE title against John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 27.

Titus O'Neil names wrestler with the 'worst finisher of all time' - THE SPORTS ROOM

“The A-Lister” is also a eight-time WWE Intercontinental Champion. Currently, he is the holder of the Money in the Bank contract and eyeing to repeat the same when he had cashed in succesfully in 2010 to win the WWE title.