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Patrick Beverley’s Altercation with Pacers Fans: Playoff Game Gets Heated

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Veteran guard Patrick Beverley is known for his fiery personality on the court. He’s not afraid to get under the skin of his opponents, and sometimes even his teammates. However, Beverley’s competitive spirit seemingly boiled over unexpectedly during a 2019 playoff game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers.

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The Incident

With just over two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Bucks were down by 20 points, and frustration was mounting. Patrick Beverley, known for his fiery demeanour on the court, took matters into his own hands. Standing near the Bucks’ bench, he picked up the basketball and hurled it with force at a group of courtside Pacers fans. The ball struck one of the fans in the head, prompting gasps from the crowd and disbelief from his teammates.

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The Fallout

Patrick Beverley’s actions did not go unnoticed. Cameras captured the moment as he gestured for the ball back and then promptly threw it again at the same spectator who had returned it. The incident was reminiscent of the infamous “Malice at the Palace” brawl in 2004, where players clashed with fans during a game. The NBA has since taken a strong stance against violent interactions between players and fans, and Beverley’s behaviour crossed that line.

Potential Consequences

As of now, Patrick Beverley has not faced any immediate discipline for his actions during the game. However, the league will likely review the incident and determine an appropriate punishment. Given the severity of the situation, a steep fine and suspension seems inevitable. Unfortunately for Beverley, any suspension would have to be served next season, as the Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Pacers.

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Patrick Beverley’s Performance

Patrick Beverley’s Altercation with Pacers Fans: Playoff Game Gets Heated - THE SPORTS ROOM

Despite the altercation, it’s essential to acknowledge Patrick Beverley’s contributions throughout the series. In Game 5, he played a crucial role in the Bucks’ victory, recording 13 points, 12 assists, and two steals. However, his frustration got the better of him in Game 6, leading to the regrettable incident with the fans. As a 35-year-old veteran, Beverley faces an uncertain future as an unrestricted free agent this summe.


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