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When is the right time to hand Connor Bedard the captaincy of the Blackhawks? Who Should Be the Next Captain?

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The Chicago Blackhawks find themselves at a crossroads following the departure of longtime captain Jonathan Toews, the Chicago Blackhawks are navigating a new chapter without a designated leader. While the highly anticipated arrival of Connor Bedard as the franchise cornerstone is undeniable, the question of who should wear the “C” in the meantime remains.

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The Legacy of Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews, a Blackhawks legend, held the captaincy for an impressive 15 years. His leadership, both on and off the ice, set a high standard. Toews wore the ‘C’ with pride, and any successor would have big skates to fill. Davidson acknowledged this legacy, stating that the decision to delay naming a new captain was partly out of respect for Toews and the successful era he represented.

The Obvious Choice: Connor Bedard

Who Should Be the Blackhawks’ Next Captain, and When Is the Right Time to Give It to Connor Bedard?

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When it comes to long-term leadership, Connor Bedard stands out. Despite being just 18 years old during his rookie season, Bedard possesses all the qualities of a future captain. He leads by example, says the right things, and demonstrates maturity beyond his years. His commitment to the team extends beyond the ice, making him a natural choice for the role. However, timing is crucial.

When Is the Right Time?

Toews became captain at 20 years and 79 days old, making him the third-youngest captain in NHL history at the time. Connor Bedard, who won’t turn 19 until July 17, will play another full season as a teenager. The Blackhawks could theoretically rely on alternate captains until the right moment arrives. But there will come a point when a primary voice is needed for the younger players. Bedard’s leadership potential is undeniable, but the organization must balance patience with seizing the opportunity.

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Seth Jones and Connor Murphy: Respectable Alternatives

While Connor Bedard seems destined for the captaincy, let’s not overlook other candidates. Veteran defensemen Seth Jones and Connor Murphy bring experience and stability. Both players would be respectable choices, even if they aren’t slam dunks. Jones, acquired in a trade, has quickly become a key figure on the team. Murphy, known for his reliability, could also step into the role. However, neither possesses the long-term potential that Bedard does.


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