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Randy Orton and “The Fiend” will reportedly face off in another stipulation match

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The rivalry between ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton fails to die. The two wrestlers share a long history and WWE wants to capitalize on it and set another stipulation match up.

The Fiend


After winning the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton appeared on Alexa Bliss’ talk show “A Moment of Bliss” on the following night’s Raw. During the segment, Bliss referenced Orton’s past rivalry with Wyatt at WrestleMania 33. McIntyre then came out and attacked Orton until the lights went out. When they returned, Wyatt’s alter ego The Fiend was standing behind Orton on the entrance ramp while McIntyre stood in the ring. McIntyre continued to brawl with Orton while The Fiend departed.

After Orton lost the WWE Championship back to McIntyre on the November 16 episode of Raw, The Fiend caused Orton to lose an opportunity to regain the title the following week. Orton then appeared once again on “A Moment of Bliss”, claiming to know The Fiend’s weakness as Bliss herself.

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In the main event of TLC 2020, Randy Orton faced “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Inferno match. Wyatt attempted to set Orton ablaze by pushing him against a brazier, however, Orton countered and The Fiend’s back caught on fire, thus Orton won the match. Afterward, he, who was still on fire, ran after Orton who was in the ring where Orton performed an RKO on him. A conflicted Orton then doused his lifeless body with gasoline and set it ablaze, after which, he posed on the stage to end the show as his opponent’s body continued to burn.


Last week’s Raw ended with a cliffhanger, with it being unclear whether Orton accepted Bliss’ challenge and set her on fire. Now it seems that the cliffhanger is a way to set up for the next gimmick match between the former Tag Team Champions. How can WWE make the match between the two intriguing after the fiery match at TLC will be a thing to watch.

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