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Steve Austin speaks on WWE VS AEW

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WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has opened up on the rivalry between WWE and AEW and how it benefits the former.

Steve Austin


“The Texas Rattlesnake”‘s comments come soon after the groundbreaking news of former AEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho being the latest guest in his podcast, an event which, according to many, has broke down the “forbidden door”.

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Austin believes that WWE and AEW are competing by proxy because both of the promotions are in the same industry. Otherwise, according to him, AEW is not trying to directly compete with WWE. He loves the competition as it lets more people in the industry get jobs and WWE is benefitting from it as well, as they are forced to push the envelope and better their storylines. Ultimately, he belives that competition makes both parties stronger and better than before.

“Man, I love it. I think it’s competition by proxy just because they’re wrestling, WWE’s wrestling, but I don’t think they’re directly trying to compete. But in essence, they are and I love it because it gives more people within any of this jobs. It gives more people a chance to work. And it makes WWE, you know, forces them to push the envelope rather than just sit back and push out content. Competition makes everybody better,” he said.

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Austin also spoke of other topics, including Vince McMahon’s much earlier conversation to him about putting other companies out of business. McMahon’s WWE famously put WCW and ECW, two of its biggest competitions, out of the business in 2001. While he does not completely remember the talk as it happened long ago, he remembers McMahon telling him that he did not deliberately put any company out of the business. They did not have the foresight or vision to stay in the business.

“Oh, I don’t know what kind of answer he gave me, it was so long ago. It was like when I used to ask him about putting all these guys out of business and he goes, ‘Steve, I didn’t put everybody out of business. They simply didn’t have the foresight or the vision-’ and he goes on and on and on. Vince is the master of the Jedi mind tricks,” Austin said, before saying that McMahon is a super interesting guy and he has a lot of respect and admiration towards him.

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