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Triple H reacts To The Undertaker’s comment on modern professional wrestlers

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Triple H has reacted to The Undertaker’s claim of the modern generation of professional wrestlings being relatively softer when compared to those of his generation.

Triple H


While speaking to Joe Rogan, The Undertaker commented about the apparent softness of modern professional wrestlers, leading to a multitude of headlines and a bit of criticism towards the man who has rarely been subject to criticism in his career, spanning multiple decades.

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Professional wrestlers all around the world react to Taker’s comments in a strange way. None of them, especially the older ones, seemed really interested to discredit Taker and disrespect him in the process, expected due to the amount of respect he gets from the personnel in the industry.

One of the strongest replies was from current WWE superstar Riddle, a former mixed martial arts fighter. He especially mentioned the “knives and guns” criteria and commented that it is for the better that the professional wrestlers of his generation play video games instead of carrying guns.

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Triple H, a member of The Undertaker’s generation and an important member of the growth of today’s generation of WWE talents, has finally opined on the topic.

“Yeah, you know, everybody has opinions of the business and the business always morphs and changes, and people have opinions, and you can agree with them, you can disagree with them. Taker has always been one of those guys that’s very properly honest and the great thing about him though, is he’s bluntly honest with an opinion, here’s how I think it should be, and here’s how I can help you to get there. So, he’s wide open to all of that,” he said.

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Hunter added that Taker’s comments were always made with the best of intents. There are certain people in the business who had been for a long time, experienced a lot, and held a wealth of knowledge. Taker is one of those guys, according to him.

“His comments and his intention are always with the best of intent, or desire, to improve and I do believe he has a wealth of knowledge, that if he speaks… you know, there’s certain guys in the business that if they speak, they’ve been around a long time, seen a lot of things, and they’ve earned the right to, if they speak, you listen and you take the point of view, and you work with it. He’s one of those guys, for sure,” Triple H commented.

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