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Did Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” Steal the Oscars? Fan Responses Splash Up on Social Media

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The 96th Academy Awards featured many memorable moments, but one in particular has everyone talking: Ryan Gosling’s rendition of the popular song “I’m Just Ken” from the live-action Barbie film.

BEHOLD, THE GREATEST MOMENT IN OSCAR HISTORY!! BRAVO, RYAN GOSLING & “I’M JUST KEN!” #KENERGY” exclaimed @MovieMantz in a tweet that perfectly summed up the excitement.

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It’s arguable if Gosling’s performance was the best in Oscar history, but there’s no denying that it generated a flurry of fan comments on social media. Check out what fans are saying about this performance and the reasons it’s grown so popular.

Fan Reactions

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The reaction to @MovieMantz’s tweet on the internet was a mixture of laughter and enthusiasm:

“I’M KENENOUGH” One fan wrote.

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Another commented, “The Kenergy stole the show,”

Few more added, “Best moment of night I guess…,”

“That should win an Emmy for best musical performance at an award show,”

“Ryan just stole the Oscars,”

“Best live performance on Oscar stage, hands down!”

Ultimately, the responses from the audience show how well Gosling’s performance went over. It brought fun and surprise to the event, making it a welcome diversion from custom. The enthusiastic reception the show received shows how entertainment can bring fans together for a fun experience they can share. It’s arguable that Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” has become a famous and talked-about moment from the Oscars, but whether it’s the “greatest moment in Oscar history” is up for debate.

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