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Jayden Daniels or JJ McCarthy, Who Would have Been The Better Option for The Washington Commanders

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The 2024 NFL draft was filled with anticipation and speculation. While the Chicago Bears’ No. 1 overall pick was a foregone conclusion, the Washington Commanders kept their cards close to their chest. Fans wondered which quarterback would don the Commanders’ jersey at the coveted No. 2 spot. The names in contention? Jayden Daniels and J.J. McCarthy.

A key storyline emerged for the Washington Commanders, with ESPN insider Adam Schefter revealing their draft strategy on The Pat McAfee Show, as reported on Twitter:

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“Pat McAfee Tweeted: “Drake Maye was never gonna go to the Commanders at two..

The two Quarterbacks they had in consideration were Jayden Daniels and JJ McCarthy” ~  @AdamSchefter”

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Schefter’s comments shed light on the thought process behind the Commanders’ decision to select a quarterback with the second overall pick. Let’s delve deeper into this revelation, exploring the factors that may have influenced Washington’s decision and analyzing the prospects of Jayden Daniels and J.J. McCarthy.

Maye the Surprise Omission: Washington Goes in a Different Direction

Many analysts projected North Carolina’s Drake Maye as a potential top-two pick. His impressive collegiate stats and exciting playing style fueled speculation that he could be the Commanders’ choice. However, Schefter’s report suggests otherwise. The Commanders apparently had other plans for their top selection.

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Jayden Daniels or McCarthy? Weighing the Options

Jayden Daniels or JJ McCarthy, Who Would have Been The Better Option for The Washington Commanders - THE SPORTS ROOM

Schefter reveals that Jayden Daniels and J.J. McCarthy were the two quarterbacks seriously considered by Washington. This narrows down the Commanders’ priorities and suggests they were looking for a more polished and pro-ready quarterback compared to the raw talent of Maye.

  • Jayden Daniels: The former LSU Heisman Trophy winner boasts a dynamic skillset with strong passing ability and scrambling prowess. His experience in a high-profile program like LSU could be a factor in Washington’s decision.

  • J.J. McCarthy: The Michigan quarterback offers a blend of athleticism and arm talent. While his collegiate experience is limited compared to Daniels, his potential upside could be enticing for the Commanders.

The chosen quarterback, whether Daniels or McCarthy, will face significant pressure in Washington. The Commanders haven’t had a franchise quarterback for years, and the fanbase is hungry for a winner. Developing the newly drafted quarterback will be crucial for the team’s success moving forward.

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