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“Zendaya Flowers” – Lamar Jackson Teases Fellow Ravens Star After a Viral Quote From Zendaya

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Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, was recently duped into thinking that wide receiver Zay Flowers, an actress, was Zendaya’s favourite NFL player. But as it happens, the “quote” he came upon on social media was just a cunning deception.

The story begins with a tweet from a Lamar Jackson fan account, creating a fictional scenario. The tweet, seemingly quoting actress Zendaya, expressed admiration for Jackson’s playing style and suggested he was the frontrunner for Offensive Player of the Year. The fabricated quote tagged both Jackson (@Lj_era8) and Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers (@ZayFlowers).

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Jackson Takes the Bait: “Send Her Some Flowers!”

Believing the quote to be genuine, Jackson responded with a playful tweet:

“Lamar Jackson Tweeted: ”  @ZayFlowers  let’s goooooooo cuh send her some “Zendaya Flowers” awwww I absolutely love it.””

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Jackson’s lighthearted message urged Flowers to send Zendaya flowers, playfully referring to her as “Zendaya Flowers.” This playful jab highlights the camaraderie within the Ravens’ locker room, showcasing their ability to have fun together.

Flowers, aware of the fabricated nature of the quote, replied with equal humor:

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“Zay Flowers Tweeted: “Ayy you funny ash, But that do sound Good””


Flowers’ response acknowledges the humour of the situation while playfully hinting at the potential for a connection with Zendaya.

Zendaya’s History with the Ravens

“Zendaya Flowers” - Lamar Jackson Teases Fellow Ravens Star After a Viral Quote From Zendaya - THE SPORTS ROOM

Interestingly, Zendaya has a connection to the Ravens beyond this playful hoax. Back in 2013, she sang the American national anthem before a Thanksgiving game between the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her performance left a lasting impression, and Ravens fans still remember that moment. Additionally, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey once publicly expressed interest in Zendaya, playfully suggesting that they would make a good couple. While that particular romance didn’t blossom, it’s clear that Zendaya has left her mark on the Ravens community.

Lamar Jackson’s Good Intentions

Despite the fake quote, Lamar Jackson’s intentions were genuine. He wanted to celebrate his teammate Zay Flowers and create a fun interaction. Jackson’s playful encouragement to send “Zendaya Flowers” reflects the camaraderie within the team. While Zendaya’s endorsement turned out to be fictional, the Ravens’ spirit remains real.

In the end, “Zendaya Flowers” may not be an official endorsement, but it’s a delightful reminder that sports and social media can intersect in unexpected ways. As fans, we’ll continue to enjoy these lighthearted moments, even if they’re born from a little friendly deception.


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