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Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s Grocery Store Cart Incident: A Viral Confrontation

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In a recent grocery store escapade, popular streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed found themselves in an unexpected confrontation with an elderly woman. The incident, which unfolded during a live stream, has since gone viral, leaving viewers both amused and intrigued.

On March 26, 2024, Kai and Speed embarked on a joint stream on Rumble, taking their audience along for a shopping adventure. As they perused the aisles of a local grocery store, Kai made a playful decision: hopped into a shopping cart. Speed, ever the accomplice, steered the cart as they continued their food hunt.

Their antics caught the attention of an older woman who was clearly unamused. She approached the streamers, her frustration palpable. “Why in the world do you not have any respect for people around you?” she demanded. “Don’t act like an idiot. You’re not an idiot. … I’m talking about this nonsense that goes on in here.”Speed, never one to back down, shot back, “You’re treating me like an idiot. I’m a young, educated Black man.” Kai chimed in, “Ma’am, we’re not bothering anybody. How are we bothering you?”

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The confrontation escalated as the woman continued her lecture. “Get out of that buggy,” she insisted. “Act like a man and act like you’re supposed to in this store.” Speed, known for his boisterous barking during streams, added to the chaos.

Kai attempted to defuse the situation by crawling out of the cart, but the woman persisted. She declared that Speed was “far from a man” and expressed hope that they would “grow into fine men.” Her parting shot? Calling them “idiots” once more.

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Frustrated, Kai pulled out his phone and looked up the definition of “idiot.” The woman remained undeterred, leaving the streamers bewildered and bemused. Staff members eventually intervened, attempting to restore order.

The incident left viewers divided. Some applauded the woman for standing up against perceived disrespect, while others found the whole exchange entertaining. Regardless, it’s clear that Kai and Speed’s grocery store cart ride will be etched into internet lore.

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Kai Cenat The Viral Tweet

As the video clip circulated online, Twitter user FearBuck shared the encounter, capturing the moment’s essence. The tweet garnered attention, sparking discussions about manners, cultural differences, and the fine line between harmless fun and perceived rudeness.


Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s grocery store cart incident serves as a reminder that even in the most mundane settings, unexpected encounters can lead to viral moments. Whether you view them as “idiots” or simply two streamers having a good time, their escapade will undoubtedly remain a memorable chapter in their online journey.


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