Ric Flair reveals how Triple H should have his WWE farewell

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Ric Flair, the WWE legend recently joined Inside the Ropes for an interview. He reflected on the career of the veteran star, Triple H and stated that when The Game decides to retire, he should get a proper sendoff from the WWE Universe by a epic retirement match.

Ric Flair states Triple H deserves all the recognition when he hangs up his boots

Ric Flair reveals how Triple H should have his WWE farewell - THE SPORTS ROOM

Ric Flair, the former WWE star had retired in 2008. His last in-ring appearance was at WWE’s flagship show, WrestleMania 24. He had squared of against the Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels in a retirement match, after which the Nature Boy retired from the sport.

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Speakig about his former stablemate during the interview, Flair said that he wants to see Triple H in a similar match when he decides to retire as well. He said that he deserves the recognition from the fans and should be featured in a proper farewell match.

Ric Flair reveals how Triple H should have his WWE farewell - THE SPORTS ROOM

Ric Flair said, “I’m actually hoping to see him have a huge retirement match, if he even elects to retire in the future. He deserves every bit of it and all the recognition to go with it.”

He exemplifies ‘Legend’: Ric Flair on Triple H

He said that though there is 20-year age gap between the stars, Triple H “probably knows more about the business” than him.

According to Naitch despite of having a glittering 30 years stint in the business, the former WWE Champion, exemplifies the word ‘Legend’ more than anyone else.

Flair said, “He exemplifies ‘Legend’ more than anybody because he is not only a great performer, he has studied the business, he is a historian. He probably knows more about the business than I do and I’ve been in it 30 years longer than he has.”

The Nature Boy lauded Triple H for the knowledge he has for the industry and how he loves doing the work.

Ric Flair

Flair continued, “He came into it with a knowledge of it that I hadn’t seen anybody at his age come into the business with. He was respectful every day and it was fun to see someone that just loved to be in the ring and loved the business”.

“He became a great worker and he has also taken that with him and has become an intricate part of the company”, added the 16 time World Champion.

Ric Flair is set to be featured in the first Monday Night Raw of 2021 which is a special edition of ‘Legends Night’, alongside other legends like Booker T,Kurt Angle,Torrie Wilson, Hulk Hoga and many more.