Molly Holly could be returning to WWE in a new role

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The former WWE star Molly Holly has entertained the WWE Universe with different gimmicks during her time in the company. Now it seems she is set to play a different role for the company.

She could soon be making her return to WWE. As per the reports by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Molly Holly was backstage at the latest edition of WWE Monday Night RAW.

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Molly Holly could be returning as a producer

Molly Holly

Back in the day, Molly Holly was a top star in the company and served as a wrestler. As it turns out she is set to serve WWE in a new role. Johnson reported that she could potentially be returning to WWE. It is understood that the WWE Hall of Famer was backstage for a tryout to become a producer for the company.

WWE Producers do not often get on-screen opportunities and that was the reason why she did not make an on-screen appearance at the show.

The majority of the work is done backstage. However, producers do work on-screen as being part of a crew to pull wrestlers apart who are brawling with each other backstage.

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Holly was originally trained by Dean Malenko in 1997. She had brief run in the independent scene and in WCW. Holly got her first break with WWE back in 2000.

She went on to become a two-time WWE Women’s Champion. She is also a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion which she won when alligned with Hurricane Helms and performing as Mighty Molly.

She was a regular in-ring competitor back in 2005 after which she departed the company. However, she often makes appearances for WWE . She has also worked several Battle Royal and Royal Rumble matches since then, including the 2020 Women’s Rumble.

Holly recently worked as a trainer at Ken Anderson’s The Academy wrestling school in Minnesota, along with Shawn Daivari, but the school is currently on halt due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Holly was inducted into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Class earlier this year. We will see how she performs in the role of producer as a new chapter in her life unfolds.

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