Ex-WWE star Kaitlyn breaks her silence on her arrest in 2012

Kaitlyn wwe
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The former WWE star Kaitlyn had suffered an embarrassing arrest during her stint in WWE. She recently opened up on the incident and revealed how she was saved.

What had happened?

The incident took place back in November 2012, while she was at a Van Andel Arena event in Michigan. She was set to perform in a WWE event at the arena when the cops arrested her up on a warrant for failure to appear on a civil infraction, as per the reports of TMZ. 

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Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin, was arrested by Grand Rapids police, booked into jail and was released on a $303 bond.

TMZ had reported the arrest originated from an old speeding ticket. In a statement to TMZ, she said: “During a previous visit to Michigan, I was cited for a traffic violation. I am fully cooperating with authorities to resolve the matter.”

Kaitlyn reflects on the incident

Kaitlyn wwe

The former WWE star recently joined the Total Smark Wrestling podcast to talk about her career. Kaitlyn elaborated the incident and revealed the problems had started when she got a speeding ticket, about which she had forgotten. She noted how the security had informed her about the arrival of the police to arrest her.

She said:

“I had Jim who was the head of security at the time, he came up to me and said ‘I have police here, wanting to arrest you.’ I was like ‘for what?’ And it was a warrant out for a unpaid speeding ticket. And Jim was like ‘I cant do anything, they’re not coming to come in here and put cuffs on you, but you’re going to have to go down to the station.’”

Kaitlyn spoke about being bailed out by the former Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano and WWE’s head of security and then returning right to the show. She said:

“I was in a cell for 8 minutes probably. So Jim and Mark Carrano were just outside eating waiting for them to process me. And then they picked me up and we went back to Smackdown. No one even knew. I wasn’t on the show that day, I had done a backstage segment so I had my makeup done, so when they took my mugshot it was a nice picture.”

Kaitlyn is a former WWE Divas Champion and the winner of NXT season 3. She announced her retirement in 2014 to concentrate on her marriage and clothing line.