Ryback fires shots at the social media partners of WWE for suppressing him, calls it pathetic

ryback social media
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The former WWE star Ryback has been entailed in a bitter legal battle and they have been on pretty bad terms since his departure. ‘The Big Guy’ has been witnessed taking multiple shots at the top authorities of WWE, Chairman Vince McMahon as well as Triple H. He recently opened up on his social media account how his accounts were suppressed back in 2016 by WWE’s social media partners.

Ryback opens up about his social media accounts getting suppressed

ryback social media

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WWE had wanted Ryback’s social media handles and they had been battling for that with the former WWE star. However, Ryback seemingly got a victory against them as recently Twitter finally awarded him with a blue verified checkmark badge.

He revealed that he did not agree to hand the accounts to WWE and company had been “suppressing him.” This is in spite of the fact that he seems to be doing very well on TikTok with 1.6 million followers.

Ryback sent out a couple of Tweets elaborating on the incident. You can check out what he wrote in the Tweets below:

He said: “Reminder to all @WWE is partners with @twitter and @facebook @instagram and have had my accounts suppressed since 2016 when I wouldn’t sign over all my social media accounts to them. I’ve won everything thus far, but they have had the accounts suppressed. @VinceMcMahon pathetic!”

In another Tweet he said:

“27K away from 1.6 million on Tik Tok. Crazy how @twitter following has dropped from 1.5 million in 2016 to 1.4 million and had massive impressions until account was suppressed. @twittersupport hope you all get what you deserve in time.”

Check out the Tweets below:

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‘The Big Guy’ had a fine stint in WWE and had held the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Since his departure from WWE, Ryback had been competing in the indie circuit, remaining undefeated for a year during his stint until 2018.

He had teased joining All Elite Wrestling(AEW) and also dropped hints about making an appearance at Double or Nothing pay-per-view. However, he did not make any appearance. We will have to see if he eventually joins Tony Khan’s company.