It’s a miracle: Kane recalls a hilarious incident involving Paul Bearer

kane paul bearer
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The WWE Hall of Famer Kane is one of the greatest stars to ever step foot inside the squared circle, whose gimmick has been loved by the fans. He might have scared some fans and fellow stars with his gimmick but he is a gentle person off the screen.

‘The Big Red Machine’ recently made an appearance on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast and spoke of his former manager Late Paul Bearer.

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Kane shares a hilarious incident while being with Paul Bearer

kane paul bearer

Kane(real name Glenn Jacobs) was summoned in WWE by Paul Bearer to involve in one of the most enticing storylines in the industry with the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker. Paul Bearer played an important role in the narrative between the two storyline brothers and was often seen switching sides throughout his career keeping the storyline even more intriguing.

Speaking with John Layfield and Gerald Brisco, the former World Champion recalled it was in San Diego back in the day when Paul was sick and asked him to drive to the arena. Kane mentioned that he was wearing a ski mask and driving a red Cadillac when a funny incident had occured.

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Just as they were about to enter the arena, Paul Bearer pulled down the window and yelled, “It’s a miracle, Kane can drive!”

Here’s what Kane said:

“It was in San Diego. Paul tells me that he’s sick and he can’t drive. So we rented a red Cadillac – that’s really inconspicuous. So I’ve got my ski mask on and I’m driving and and Paul Bearer is hunched up against the window like he’s sick. This was when business was super hot and we’ve got 10,000 people surrounding the ramp in the drive down.”

‘The Big Red Monster’, continued, “So, I’m trying to hunch down, driving a red Cadillac wearing a ski mask, and all of a sudden Paul Bearer who had been deathly ill 30 seconds ago, rises up and he starts evangelizing to the crowd. He’s like, ‘It’s a miracle, Kane can drive! Kane can drive!”

Kane had won several titles during his stint in WWE. He made a surprise entrance in this year’s edition of Royal Rumble match and had eliminated Dolph Ziggler and Ricochet. He had headlined WWE Hall of Fame 2021. Glenn Jacobs currently serves as the Mayor of Knox County.