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WWE Hall of Famer JBL opens up on a huge in-ring return

WWE Hall of Famer JBL(John Bradshaw Layfield) recently talked about the idea of making a huge comeback to the squared circle. The veteran star has not competed inside the ring since his last match in 2009. He had decided to hang up his boots after a career that spanned 17 long years in the pro-wrestling business. JBL has been involved in WWE and has served as a commentator and pay-per-view kickoff show analyst. The 54-year-old spoke about making a potential return to the ring and also expressed his desire to work as a manager.

JBL doubts if he will ever return to in-ring action


Many veteran stars are currently working in the ring but JBL while speaking on Talking Tough, admitted that he can no longer compete physically with today’s stars. However, he is willing to manage an up-and-coming star if the right opportunity comes along.

He further added that he is fond of working with the young stars and enjoys sharing the tips of being a heel, something JBL has worked as in his entire career. JBL performed as a heel during his 280-day reign as WWE Champion between June 2004 and April 2005.

The former WWE Champion said: “I doubt it [in-ring return], I don’t wanna get out there. If I thought I could help one of the young guys, yes, I’d do it. If I could physically, I would do it. I don’t think physically I could do it.

He added: “I would be happy to get out there and manage somebody or do something to help a young talent. I love working with the young guys. I really enjoy trying to give them my philosophy of how to be… I know a lot more about how to be a bad guy than I do a good guy.”

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Standing at six-foot-six tall, JBL believes he would only succeed as a manager if he worked alongside a tall star:

“The only problem with being a manager is I’m six [foot], six [inches]. It’s tough because I’m so much taller than a lot of the wrestlers, not that they’re even shorter than they were, but it’s hard for tall managers because you want a short manager that makes their guy look really big,”

JBL was inducted into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year.


  • JBL is unlikely to return to the ring
  • JBL wants to work as a manager


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