Ex-WWE star recalls how JBL deliberately tried to hurt him

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WWE Hall of Famer JBL shared a bitter relationship with the former WWE and WCW star Marc Mero. Mero recently revealed how he and the former WWE United States Champion did not get along back in the day.

However, before going through the story he made it cleared that they have forgotten their past relationship and have become good friends.

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Marc Mero sheds praise on JBL

JBL and Mero had worked together in WWE back in the 1990s. He revealed that they hated each other but they share a cordial relationship.

Ex-WWE star recalls how JBL deliberately tried to hurt him

Marc Mero was recently a guest on a recent edition of James’ Wrestling Shoot Interviews where he spoke about his relationship with JBL.

Mero called him mean and bully but then said how he has changed over the years and lauded him for his charity work with underprivileged children:

At the time, one guy I never got along with was Bradshaw. Here’s the thing, he was a bully, mean to people, and before I tell you the story, I just want to tell you that he is such a great guy now.

He added:

“What he does for humanity and these kids in other countries, I can’t say enough great things about him. I’m honored to call him a friend now. I mean, two guys who couldn’t stand each other, we both have compassion for other people, we help a lot of people.”

Marc Mero reveals the story

Marc Mero recollected when he and had squared off against JBL. He claimed as they both hated each other, he claimed that the former WWE star wanted to hurt him. He said that he felt JBL would powerbomb him so hard that it felt like it was done intentionally to hurt him bad.

He said: “I tell you what, when he wrestled each other on the road and he would give me a powerbomb, it was almost like he was trying to put me through the mat, through the ring, through the wood. He would try to hurt me and you know, I was always a tough guy, so I was not afraid.”

Marc Mero and JBL recently had a fight at Brawl For All which went on for three rounds with latter getting the victory via decision.