Edge outlines the hardships young talents face in WWE

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WWE Hall of Famer Edge is a veteran star in true sense. He was a popular star and have been entertaining the fans for a long time now. His career was shortened due to injury when he was compelled to retire from pro-wrestling.

However, after a battle of eleven long years he had made his return to the squared circle in nothing less than a fairytale bliss. He has a lot of experience in the industry and during his appearance on The Kurt Angle Show, the Rated-R Superstar spoke about the younger talents in the company.

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Edge says it’s difficult to present stories in wrestling today


Pro-wrestling is not only about the moves inside the ring but also the stories which are narrated by the stars with their matches. The enticing rivalries and the storylines are what the fans get excited about.

The veteran star Edge believes that the circumstances has changed a lot compared to his prime time and he appreciates that but it has only got difficult to present the stories.

He said that it is difficult for the up and coming stars to present and establish themselves compared to stars like himself, who are already well established. It was hard back in his days as well.

Edge added:

“When I say more difficult, I mean for people coming into the industry now or coming into the company now. I have a body of work, so I don’t have to go through those same challenges because they’ve seen it, they know it and I can already come in and I’m already established. I’m talking if I were starting out now, oh man, and it was difficult when I started out back then too.”

The WWE Hall of Famer further mentioned that he feels for young talent because he believes it’s more difficult today than ever for an up-and-comer to get over.

He said: “I feel for a lot of young folks and I really do say just pick my brain because I can’t fully grasp what you’re having to encounter because I’m not at that stage in my career at the same time but I can at least give you some guidelines and some tent-poles to help you feel like you’re not drowning.”

Edge was unsuccessful in challenging the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at last Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view as Seth Rollins interfered in the match and cost Edge his match. They are likely to lock horns at SummerSlam pay-per-view.